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[Tutorial] BB codes for signatures

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[Tutorial] BB codes for signatures Empty [Tutorial] BB codes for signatures

Post by Cody Wed Jul 15, 2009 1:00 am

This little BB lesson should help you guys spiff up your Signature a little, to make it really cool. I'll be typing all the BB codes myself Smile NOTE : Some of the features are already present, so you don't have to type them.

Legend :
[NP] - BB Code is "Not Present" in Signature and must be typed in

[P] BB Code is "Present" and can be used by pressing a button Smile

Color [NP] - Color can be used to make your text a different color, you can do it by typing in this code (Don't use periods in the BB code, I'm using this so you can see it.) [.color=(color wanted)]Text here[/color] (make sure you end each bb code with a "/" EX: [/color]

Example of color BB in use, I'm going to use red. Hi there Very Happy

Bold [P] Bold can make your lettering thicker Smile there is a button for it.

Complex URLs [NP] Complex URLs allow you to add text to hide that ugly long link using this code Smile [.url=your url]your text[/url]

Example of Complex URL in use : This link will take you to

Italics [P] - Italics give your text a slant, there is a button for them so just click it Smile

Centering [NP] - Centering allows you to center all of your text and pictures, to center all you have to do is put in this code [.center]your text[/center]

Example of Cerntering BB :
Look, I'm in the middle!!!

Underlining [P] - This allows you to put a line under your text, there is indeed a button you can use for it Smile

Size [NP] Size allows you to change the font size of your text using this Code : [.size=number]Text[/size]

Example of Size BB : I'm using size 13 font

COMBINING BB Codes [NP] Yes thats right, on top of all the BB codes you can use, you can actually put them together, things like using Color and Bold [.color=blue][.b]HELLO[/b][/color] The trick is putting all the BB codes in order, which can get pretty tricky sometimes so play around a little bit, if you have any questions, just ask.


BB Codes used for the message above : [center] [color] [b] [u] [size] Smile

BB's I didn't mention : Striking, flash, images etc Cause there all pretty easy, but if you want, I can always edit this post.

Edit 1. OH YEAH! Don't forget to not use periods when entering your brackets, or it won't work :O
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[Tutorial] BB codes for signatures Empty Re: [Tutorial] BB codes for signatures

Post by tazerpig Thu Jul 16, 2009 12:17 pm

I have a picture that I want to put as my sig and its saved on my computer so how do I put it on if its just a .jpg file?
could you reply or edit it...
if u edit can u tell me u edited it loooool

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